Season 01 , Episode 13 – “The Laffs Are Back”
Clayton English recalls his nightmare day job; and Kira Soltanovich has a screaming match with her toddler son. Also: Kerry Coddett gets catcalled by a toothless panhandler; and Daniel Tirado daydreams about ditching his phone.

Season 01 , Episode 14 – “Stankin’ Up the Joint”
Someone has an odd prayer for Yamaneika; Matteo Lane has a blind date in Italy; and Ronnie Jordan has some tips for the single women at the office. Also: Corey Rodrigues knows the importance of sunblock at the beach.

Season 01 , Episode 15 – “Fingering the Man”
Molly Austin takes a bachelorette party to the next level. Meanwhile, Jonathan Martin’s parents give new meaning to the word “cheap.”

Season 01 , Episode 16 – “Crazy in Love”
Brad Williams brings the heat, Street Fighter-style; Sydnee Washington’s date with Father Time; Yamaneika daydreams about being kidnapped; and Calvin Evans gets less than he bargained for on his plane ticket.

Season 01 , Episode 17 – “Up All Night”
Sydney Castillo wants his hair back; Rachel Feinstein has her hands full on a playdate; and Mark Viera shows off his new kicks.


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